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What’s New at the Igloo? Baby Birds!!!

So, I promise I did NOT find these in a case!

One of the wonderful things about working here at the igloo is all the nature around us! Woodinville is just far enough away from the city that it feels like living in the woods, and we get regular visits in our yard from wild things like coyotes and bobcats. This time, a little finch is raising her tiny, adorable family on the side of our building! The nest is just above knee high on me (and I’m short!), so it’s pretty easy to get a quick photo of the babies when mom is away. My photo of mom is a bit blurry as she will fly away if I get too close, but she’s cute, too!

We enjoy our wild critter friends here, and hope you do, too. 


Wishing you lots of smiles and songs this summer!


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