What’s On My Bench? A Jupiter 1110 BBb Tuba!

Hello sports fans! Welcome to everyone’s favorite, Tuba Wrasslin’!!!

Before I started school band, I briefly thought about playing tuba. It’s such a cool sound and such a presence in a band, and it was hard to resist, but trumpet was calling me. I’m glad I resisted the temptation, but not because of the size of it. Tubas are expensive!  Your average new student tuba is about the same price as a high end professional trumpet. We all understand that here, and so we carry great tubas from student to pro at great prices.

Jupiter 1110 BBb Tuba

This Jupiter 1110 is a great choice for those on a budget, and I have just gone over it to make sure it’s in perfect playing condition. This one didn’t need anything except a little valve oil, and it’s all ready for your next gig!

If you’re looking for a new tuba we’ll be happy to help you - we have over 35 tubas in various keys available, as well as several of the elusive Wagner tuba in stock!

Wishing you some fabulous Ooom-paaah in your day!