What’s On my Bench? A Conn 4B Bass Trumpet!

Check out this super fun horn that wandered in! This is probably the fourth bass trumpet to cross my bench since I started working here at the igloo, and also one of the nicer ones! It had obviously been sitting for a while and had been put away pretty dirty, but unfortunately that tends to be the case with horns like this that don’t get used as much. Everything was stuck except the pistons, but now all slides and caps are free, clean, and moving properly. It’s a very attractive instrument but has had some work done in its past. It might not be pristine and perfect, but it still looks good and plays well! It could be the perfect addition to your stable if you’ve been looking for a nice bass trumpet. Serial number puts this one at 1969, and it will serve you well for many years to come!


Just a PSA while we’re talking about horns that don’t get used a lot - put them away clean, and you’ll have fewer issues the next time you need them! Check on them from time to time and make sure nothing has frozen up, and they won’t disappoint when you need them. They don’t always need a pro clean before storage, either! Sometimes a good home bath in lukewarm water with mild dish soap and some fresh lubrication is all they need.

Check out this horn in our listings soon! Bass trumpets don’t tend to live here that long, so grab it while you can!

Wishing you some big trumpet joy!