What’s on My Bench? A Spectacular Adams A1 Trumpet!

Why am I extra excited about this particular trumpet? Because it’s the same model I’ve played every day for the last 7 years! The biggest difference between this one and my own is that it has a lighter bell than mine, and mine has thousands of hours of play time!

I thought it would be fun to share a few photos of these twins together for a few reasons, one being that they are just beautiful in that satin gold lacquer!


In these photos, mine is on the left while the one on the right is up for sale. Don’t ask about mine - it’s not available! Mine was the first finalized model made for the Artist it was designed for. The one up for sale is one of the most recent made of this model, and was only played for a couple of months by its previous owner. They play almost identically, which tells you how consistent build quality is with these horns. Mine has some wear, but has also been played very heavily and still plays just as well as this newer one!

Adams trumpets are built with the Bauerfeind valve block, which is wonderfully fast, and this A1 includes two main tuning slides, standard and conical. I only use the comical myself, but your results may vary.

Adams is currently no longer building this version of the A1, but it’s still a fantastic and extremely versatile instrument. Mine has served me well in every situation I’ve used it in, from big bands, rock bands, New Orleans style brass bands to wind ensembles and brass quintets. Here’s your chance to try it for yourself with a horn that’s very close to brand new! Look for it in our listings soon!

Wishing you the same joy from your horn that I get from mine!