What’s on My Bench? A Modular Edwards Trumpet!

You know what’s fun about modular trumpets? You can fit them in one basket when you take them apart for cleaning! 🤣

Edwards is a division of the Getzen company that’s known for its high-end trumpets and trombones, and offers quite a large variety of options for their instruments. Another fun thing about a modular instrument is that you can have more than one bell or leadpipe to suit your specific needs and change them out easily.  This particular instrument is set up with a very lightweight bell that has had some significant damage in its past followed by some not so expert repair. While it is still functional, it’s super easy to get a replacement if it doesn’t suit you! Either way, it’s a fun horn to play, and a great introduction to the Edwards line of trumpets. Watch for it in our listings!

Wishing you some fun options in your day!


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