What’s on My Bench? A Whole Collection of Vintage Trumpets!!!

We recently bought another estate collection of 78 vintage trumpets, so I have been super busy sorting, cleaning, and getting these awesome old guys ready for their new homes! Some of them don’t need much more than a clean and polish, so you’ll see them listing pretty quickly.

Included here are a few photos of horns I’ve recently finished from this collection including a 1965 58B, 1926 2B, and 1927 26B. The Connstellation even has its original case candy and receipt! They look great, smell good (big difference and very important!), and play beautifully, and are all ready for you! Keep an eye on our listings to look for more of these vintage beauties!

Wishing you wonderful holiday surprises!!



The 2B is in very good condition with minor finish wear. Compression is low, but it plays very well oiled with Berp#3. It’s actually my favorite player of the bunch so far – feels very modern and resonant! I’m actually finishing up a 1937 2B right now, and there are several more waiting. Give us a call to talk details as it won’t list until next week. Thanks for your interest!

Amanda Marquis December 18, 2019

How much for the Conn 2b?

What is its condition?


Michael Schmidt D.Min. December 18, 2019

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