What’s on My Bench? Conn 62H Trombone

Today’s awesome horn is a Conn 62H trombone, and it was a lot of fun to work on! Serial number dates this one at 1970, and it still has a lot of years of play time left in it.

This is a very unusual horn in that the main tuning mechanism is in the handslide instead of the bell. It was stuck and had a small dent, so I had some delicate work to do. It came out beautifully with no issues, so the tuning mechanism works smoothly and the handslide does as well.

Someone had painted the rotor caps (why???), so I managed to remove the paint without destroying the lacquer under it. It got a nice chem clean, I removed some mute pings, and now it’s ready to play!

This horn still shows signs of some previous damage, but it is solid and ready to play. Look for it in our listings soon!

Wishing you fun gigs with good friends!