What's on Brad's Bench? A 1957 Selmer Paris Clarinet

This Selmer Centered Tone Clarinet was previously owned by the infamous John Winston Grimes. Originally from the state of Oklahoma, John lived throughout the country as a cattlemen, hardware store manager, truck driver, fisherman and countless other jobs. John was known for being talented at everything he did, and his work ethic was second to none. Though he was loved by all and always in demand for his good work, John led a life in and out of prison. It was during one of his stays that he took up clarinet and soon found he had a talent to not only play, but to teach others to enjoy the peace that music could bring others in the same place. After his release, John spent years touring the country performing and teaching in prisons, some where he had spent time.
John Winston Grimes left behind this beautiful clarinet for the next player to enjoy. His motto was, “if your tone is great, you don’t need to play a lot of notes.”
This clarinet has been through our shop, our master techs have brought it back to life, and it's ready for that next player!