What's on My Bench? King Silver Tone Artist Bore Trumpet

Lately I’ve been super busy taking care of our latest big shipment, but I’ve managed to get a few awesome vintage horns taken care of as well.

This King Silver Tone has been my favorite of the week - not only is it beautiful to look at, but it’s a really nice player as well. So nice, in fact, that I need to walk away from it before I start to feel like I need it! The larger bore makes it feel very much like a modern instrument, so it’s super comfortable to play.

This horn is in really fantastic shape! It does show some wear to pistons and gold plate on the body, but pistons are still in good enough shape to not affect the playability by much. The bell is almost perfect, with a couple of small dings I left alone, but engraving is still sharp.

Add this one to your collection before I add it to mine - you’ll see it in our listings soon!

Hoping you love your job as much as I love mine today!