What’s on Amanda's Bench? Two tiny trombones!

Wow, aren’t these little guys the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? Technically these are Soprano Trombones, though some may call them Slide Trumpets. The silver one you see in the first photo is actually a Conn 16A slide cornet, and takes a cornet shank mouthpiece. Serial number dates it at 1918, and it’s in fabulous shape for 103 years old!

The raw brass horn has no markings other than “Czechoslovakia,” which means that it was definitely manufactured post 1918, but we believe it is probably from the 1920s, and takes a trumpet shank mouthpiece.

Both of these horns tune in the handslide, and are capable of tuning in either Bb or A. They are also really fun to play! I don’t have a lot of skill on any sort of trombone, but I played some in-tune scales once I found those tiny slide positions. Either of these horns would make a fun collector piece or player - look for them in our listings soon!

Wishing you some fun slides in your day!