What's on Emma's Bench? A Couesnon Flute!

I'm currently working on a Couesnon flute. I have little information on this particular instrument since it doesn't have a serial number, but it's very interesting and very old - early 20th century - old.

These flutes are handmade, with soldered tone holes. The most obvious different between this and a modern flute is the ring keys. It's typical to find this feature on a clarinet, but not a flute. I'm excited to see how this instrument plays after a re-pad!

Originally started in Paris as A.G. Guichard in 1827, then later became Couesnon et Cie in 1882. During the 1930's, they became the largest supplier of marching and brass band instruments in the world at the time, with a workforce of over 1000 people and 8 factories. In 1979, a devastating fire at the main factory destroyed nearly all of the records that would determine the year of manufacture for a specific serial number. In 1999, French drum maker P.G.M. bought the name, and maybe 25 people work the shop, now called PGM Couesnon. Look for this rare piece of history in our listings soon!