What’s on Amanda's Bench? A Yamaha YCB-621 C Tuba!

Hey, Brass Fans!

One of my favorite things about our new warehouse is that we now have the ability to clean tubas, so we have been having fun getting nice, used tubas ready for their new homes! Cleaning a tuba is no joke - there’s a whole lot of “rinse and spin” involved, and it’s quite a workout. I always say, "When you start, the tuba is dirty and you are clean. When you finish, it’s the opposite!"

This one only needed a thorough clean and it was ready to go. It has a couple of small dents that don’t affect playability, a little hand wear, and some wear on the pistons. Otherwise, compression is still great and it has many years of play left.


If you’re looking for a nice, compact C tuba at a great price this may be the one for you! It includes the original hard case and its mouthpiece is still in good condition. Look for it in our listings soon - it won’t last long!


Wishing you some awesome bass lines!